Membership FAQ

SEWN has just launched new membership and directory platform as of January 2017. People have been asking us lots of questions, so here’s an FAQ.

Q1: How do I join?

A:  Go to our Become a Member page.

Q2: I was a member in 2017. How do I renew?

A:  With our new software you need to start a new account, so proceed as if you are a brand new member. Become a Member.

Q3: How do I update my directory listing?

A: After you join you will receive an email with the header: “Welcome to the Self Employed Women’s Network.” It contains a link to your account and a password. You can go in at any time and update your directory listing.

Q4: I don’t see a category for my business. How do I suggest a new category?

A: We tried to keep the categories very broad, but if you think we missed something important, just email us with a suggestion. Note that you can list your business under as many categories as you like.

Q5: I don’t want my home address in the directory!

A: No problem. You can choose not to be in the directory at all, or you can choose to be in it but not have your address shown. And you can change those settings at any time by logging into your account (see Q3 above).

Q6: Can I pay by Paypal?

A: Sorry, our new membership platform uses the payment processor Stripe, which is reputable and highly recommended. For the present we’re taking only credit card payments via Stripe or paper cheques to minimize the workload on our volunteer Treasurer.