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Laurie McConnell
Bigpacific Creative

Laurie McConnell invented the internet.
Not really. But almost!

Back in 1997 when she could stand on the yellow line in downtown Sechelt any time of day except when there was ferry traffic, she was dabbling online, not quite convinced the “internet thing” was going to stick. She took a chance and became the second web designer on the entire Coast and to her surprise got customers as soon as she hung out the shingle. One of her first undertakings was to create a site for the Sunshine Coast Canada – not Australia – with

“The Internet and technology is impacting almost every area of our lives. What I loved about creating was realizing that the story we tell about our lives, and community, and businesses has tremendous power. Good storytelling will never be replaced by technology, and instead will always leverage technology and the Web into more than it can be on its own.”

Laurie originally came to the coast while in her twenties, for a summer newspaper job, but very quickly realized she couldn’t possibly return to the city. She discovered a love for small town living, and that being near the ocean filled her soul with something that suburbia never provided.

As does her business: “People are SO interesting. And they put so much heart and intelligence into their businesses and organizations. I get fired up sharing their story and making it easy for other people and businesses to connect with them, and to engage in a deep and personal way. I also like being a creative director or technical director for hire for my clients. This means once we get to know each other, I can be an ambassador for the client, help with tasks around collaboration with others, producing print materials or coordinating it, dealing with technical support for their business. I also like to laugh and have fun in my work and interactions with clients.”

“I want to be a part of something that lifts women up and gives us our own place to shine and make connections and leverage each other’s’ talents to achieve the lives we want for ourselves, and to show young women that being an entrepreneur is doable and even preferable to regular employment.”

What Laurie offers to her SEWN colleagues is a a techie in their corner, someone who won’t think they’re ‘dumb’ for asking questions or working to keep up with the firehose pace of digital marketing, a service provider who is also a good cheerleader, and likes to give hugs.

For those who want something less daunting, she offers alternatives to WordPress for web sites, things like Squarespace or Strikingly, two well-supported and professional-grade web site builders.

She is also very active in the Sunshine Coast GLBTQ2 community and is an artist and writer.

Seal mural by Dean Schutz,

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Published: May 2017