Alexis Harrington

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Alexis Harrington
Sand Dollar Bookkeeping

Alexis Harrington is not your average bookkeeper.

For starters she doesn’t want your crumpled up, coffee stained, housed in a shoe box old receipts. For seconds, she doesn’t do data entry. So, you might ask, what does her business, Sand Dollar Bookkeeping, actually do?

Alexis mostly lives in the cloud and she wants to bring you up there with her, make you not be afraid of numbers, and help you look at your business beyond its financial statements.

“I work in the cloud integrating forward thinking cloud accounting solutions with app ecosystems that vary depending on my clients’ needs. I create paperless havens with auto fill entries and integrations to suit the client’s needs, and when the figures are in and I’ve confirmed they are correct, this frees me and my clients up to talk about the numbers and what’s next for their success.”

She actually grew up commuting between Vancouver and Secret Cove and while her body moved back and forth, her heart was firmly anchored on the coast. In 2006 it was time to bring heart and body together and she decided to make the coast home.

Alexis is inspired, and sometimes challenged, by the great responsibility of being an entrepreneur, helping other entrepreneurs with their business. She had a huge ah hah moment when she first really grasped that going out on her own meant she was ON HER OWN.

“Shortly after I started my company, I had a complicated issue I had to help a client deal with, and it was technical. In the past, I could always walk down the hall to a colleague’s office and say, ‘hey, I’m reading this, what do you think?’ When I went out on my own, the end of the hall was me, and I had to make decisions for my client solo. This was a very defining moment for me in that I was on my own. The flip side of that was truly understanding I could make any decision I wanted. I could focus on the cloud, decline clients, skip work for three days if I chose.”

Her heart sings when a client “gets it”, she says. “Take someone who has been terrified of numbers their entire life and spent years nodding away to their accountant pretending they had no questions. My passion is taking that person and turning them into someone who understands their financial statements and can interpret what they mean. It gives me chills every time because each time, I’m empowering a business owner to use the financial information of their business to make decisions. The moment I can get a business owner to start asking questions, I’ve opened the conversation and we’re gone—it’s like another world for them and I love it!”

She says the most valuable lesson she has learned as an entrepreneur is to listen to other business owners and to reach out when she doesn’t know something. The more she connects, the more she learns and she puts that learning to work in her own business and into the business of clients and contacts she makes along the way.

“It’s fostering those connections that I want to offer to SEWN. Information is power, and the more we can connect and share it, the more powerful we each become. I want connection from SEWN.”

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