Dianne Mueller

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Dianne Mueller
Soma Small Business Solutions

Bookkeeper, advocate, woman advocate

As Dianne Mueller likes to point out, her profession – bookkeeping – is made up mostly of women. As one of the founders of the not-for-profit Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, she has seen the membership base grow to almost 2000, largely thanks to the support and connections the organization provides. When she moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2014 one of the first things she did was join SEWN because she saw it had the same potential to support women entrepreneurs.

“With support, women become free to dream, innovate, pursue and transform their passions into their dream business. The potential comes from feeling supported, and we can provide that to each other.”

Dianne is living breathing proof that you can combine your dream business with your dream lifestyle. She looked all over for someplace near the water where she had room to relax, found Gibsons, and moved here without losing a single client from the lower mainland. That’s a successful transition!

She is also passionate about bookkeeping and providing support and connections to others in the field of practice. IPBC www.ipbc.ca has grown into the premium bookkeeping association in Canada. She is truly the Bookkeepers Advocate.  When a UK bookkeeping association found out about Dianne’s achievements in Canada, she was invited to London and presented The Luca Award, “the Oscar” for Bookkeeping Awards by HRH Prince Micheal of Kent.

For over 20 years Dianne Mueller CPB and her staff at Soma Small Business Solutions have been helping small business entrepreneurs keep their financial position up front and central in their business. They are the glue that connects entrepreneurs to their growth strategies. Now, thanks to technology, she can service her clients, and work with her colleagues, from her home in lower Gibsons.

Soma provides professional bookkeeping, consulting, bookkeeping and software training as well as workflow support for small businesses. Dianne has earned a reputation as a reliable and very knowledgeable source of bookkeeping help that is staying on the cutting edge of new technology, cloud-based accounting software, and solutions to improve processes and workflows for a 21st-century success.

She is so passionate about helping small business be successful that she is volunteering her time and delivering a 3-hour seminar, titled “Your First Year In Business – A Financial Overview” for new start-ups at Small Business BC. Take a peek at the overview.

SOMA Small Business Solutions is a semi-finalist for Best Company in this year’s Small Business BC awards, to be awarded February 23, 2018. (See news article.) Interestingly, it was the nomination itself that presented her with a recent challenge.

“I did not find out that one of my clients had nominated my company until the day before voting closed. I remember telling the fellow that called me from SBBC that I was honored, but of course, with only one day left before voting closed I certainly would not be moving on to the top 10. The other nominees had been nominated weeks ago. That’s when I learned the amazing power of social media because before I knew it, hundreds of my bookkeeper friends from across Canada, and of course family, got busy on social media and by midnight I was in the top 10. Social Media is a tool that every business needs to engage with.”

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Twitter: @dmuellercpb
778-462-3262 work
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Published: January 2018