Gwen Christensen

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Gwen Christensen
Garden Bay Wellness

A Whim and a Prayer

Who quits their jobs, leaves their apartment in English Bay on a moment’s notice and moves to Garden Bay? Gwen Christensen and her husband, Chris Powell, that’s who.

Gwen, who has her own cleaning and Reiki/Massage business here on the Sunshine Coast, says they landed here unexpectedly because they were looking to invest a bit of money in a little chunk of land with no intention of moving at all. But, 30 house viewings later they found something in Garden Bay and, realizing it was too far to commute to work in the city they looked at each other and said, “what the hell, yes, let’s do it; we can always find jobs.”

Chris was hired immediately by the school board and Gwen, who has always loved giving, decided to do it professionally.

“I’ve been giving massages since I can remember. I believe it’s just in my blood and I got it from my mom. I love to help people, do things for people and make them feel good. People have always opened up to me with their problems. I think it’s because I am very accepting, don’t judge, and nothing shocks me, so people can say whatever they want and they feel very comfortable around me. When I first moved here I went for my first Reiki treatment; I was just interested in it, without knowing anything about it. I just knew I wanted to do it. So, I took my level one, and started doing it and loved it. Took my level two and continue to love it. It’s peaceful and seeing the people at the end, being so relaxed is amazing. It feels so good to help them let go of their stress. I have also seen many transformations take place after the Reiki, pain disappearing, changes in thought and attitude (for the better!) It’s just a wonderful thing to do for people.” ​

​”I want my life to continue as it is because it’s great. I want to wind down on the cleaning business and focus on the Reiki and Massage, so a steady client base is all I’m looking for. I also want to learn to do basic hair cutting, travel around in a campervan and cut hair and do my massage and Reiki in campsites or from our boat, or wherever I am travelling. 🙂 Sounds fab eh!?”

Gwen says they truly are living the dream and know for sure they made the right choice to throw off the city and take their chances here.

She joined SEWN for the same reason many of you do – to build her business and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

“I am looking forward to meeting some great women and sharing my gifts with them and hopefully help them, via Reiki and massage, to let go of their own stresses and energy blockages so that they can fully embrace life and get the most from it. People have no idea how stressed they are.” ​

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Published: October 2017