Krystin Clark

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Krystin Clark

Grateful for all of it.

After her youngest daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, Krystin looked for a school system that would be supportive and found the Sunshine Coast. So she cut her worldly belongings in half, crammed the rest onto a BC Ferry and carved out a new life, for herself and her daughters, here.

From the overall experience with becoming a health care provider as well as an independent mother, Krystin pulled this discovery: “I believe that we never know how strong we are capable of being, until we have no other choice. It is life’s hardships- the crisis, the disease, the disaster that becomes the catalyst in our change and transformation.”

She recalls a therapist asking her, when she was in her mid-twenties, what she enjoyed doing and Krystin realized she had no idea what made her happy. Today, that void makes her sad, but also has moved her to follow her passions and not settle. She discovered mindfulness as a way to get at what happiness means to her and that morphed into a practice of radical gratitude which spawned a book, available in 2018 on Amazon, Kindle and in stores on the Coast.

“The Grateful Jar Project is my journal of deliberately seeking and diligently recording gratitude every day for a year. No matter what happened. There is poetry and enchantment camouflaged in the everyday moments. Stress is not our natural human state and I am passionate about empowering individuals to learn mindfulness and increase their practice of gratitude.”

Today she is the founder of Kaleidoscope Centre for Soulful Shifts, she is a newly ordained metaphysical minister and Life Celebrant, legally empowered to marry couples in the province of BC.

“I also wear the unique hat of mystic maker. I am an artist and a word weaver. I create objects of mindfulness and intention, such as my Spirit Spoons, full functional magic wands for the kitchen.”

She is passionate about supporting individuals to reconnect with soulful living.

“Mystic maker. Word weaver. Life Celebrant. Metaphysical Minister. A student and teacher of A Course In Miracles.”

She is proud to be a member of SEWN, to get to know so many strong passionate women better, and intends to go on encouraging others to reclaim their personal magic.


Published: May 2017
Updated: January 2018