Pam Robertson

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Pam Robertson
Robertson Safety Solutions

Safety Networker

Pam Robertson is one of those unusual Coasters, having lived here most of her life from the time she arrived at the age of 3.

While her business focusses on providing occupational health and safety to local industry, her current passion is providing a safety net to people looking for housing.

“I’m working to become the go-to person who facilitates building second homes on the hundreds of lots up and down the Coast which are zoned to have them. This will create much more housing, which is an enormous challenge for families and businesses on the Coast.”

Pam’s new business venture actually won the People’s Choice award at Community Futures’ LEAP program launch.

She originally worked in the North, assisting with health and safety during construction of a diamond and gold mine. Like most of that type of remote work, she was in and out of camp for weeks at a time.

“This was a very lonely time for me, I felt isolated and disconnected despite the ridiculous amount of money I was making. I also recognized that there was a real need for a local health and safety company on the Coast. There are a few other independent consultants but they all work off Coast to sustain a higher rate of pay and to go after the larger contracts. I felt that there are many small businesses that are not meeting the minimum requirements of WorkSafe BC and I wanted to assist them with a successful Safety Management Program among many other services.”

Pam turned to the employment centre in Sechelt almost a decade ago where it was suggested she become a site safety officer.

“I had no idea what that was or what the position required but I said yes to exploring the career. In a matter of a month I had my required certification and by the following Monday after completing my last course I was hired! Ever since I started the doors have flown wide open and unique and wonderful experiences fell into my path. It has validated all along that I had chosen the correct path for my life. I like to search for signs and wonders, and the moment I made the decision to pursue this path the evidence was clear. I had found my professional calling!”

Since then Pam has incorporated Robertson Safety Solutions to provide occupational health and safety services to the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.

“I am passionate about helping people have a successful working career and I am determined to create a better safety culture here. I’ve raised my family here and seen them go off into the work force. This has enforced, even more, my drive to create a universal, safe atmosphere where workers can do their jobs with the necessary skills and feel safe and supported.

I think SEWN is a wonderful idea, to keep women uplifted and connected in the community. I hope to make many connections in this group, to inspire and be inspired by all the talent that Sunshine Coast women exude! I also would like to support them in any of their Occupational Health and Safety needs in the future.”

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Published: January 2018