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Sandra Buchanan

Fitness on the Move

Sandra Buchanan’s story is becoming a more and more common one here on the coast. For the past two years, she and her husband travelled and worked back and forth between the coast and Vancouver. She juggled her work with a company in the city called Love Your Age, while at the same time launching her own company, Suncoastfit, here. In 2017 they moved here full time and love it.

“Prior to becoming a personal trainer and group fitness instructor (Pilates, Osteofit, older adult groups), I worked for many years as an Occupational Therapist. Bringing my rehabilitation background into the fitness world has been so valuable. I specialize in working with older adults, many of whom have medical conditions, past injuries, or sometimes negative experiences with fitness. When I determine my client’s goals, and design a program that is achievable for them, results are fantastic. I love the feedback I get, such as when a client realizes that an everyday activity that they were avoiding or doing with difficulty, has now become easier and pain free. I am passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to bring fitness into their lives.”

We all talk a great game about pursuing fitness but the busy life of a entrepreneur/mom/partner/daughter can make it a challenge. Sandra has a lot of tips but here are a couple easy ones:

  1. Take a 10 minute “fitness break” and do some exercises at home or at work. This could include marching on the spot, modified push ups (against a wall, table, or kneeling on the floor), squats (sit to stand out of a chair, or mimic this movement without sitting on the chair), and stretches.
  2. Set goals you can achieve, and then add on. Start with goals such as drinking 2 more glasses of water each day and walking 2-3 times per week.
  3. Many clients report that working with a personal trainer has enabled them to get back to fitness.
  4. Find something you like to do. Some people love being around other people in an energetic environment and find group fitness classes motivating. Others love the water, so that a pool program works well. Variety in fitness also keeps us from feeling bored and unmotivated.

Sandra has discovered that being self-employed means steep learning curves. “There are many things I want to do, but each one involves dedicating time to teach myself or seek out the right professionals to help. For example, I recently started my newsletter. This involved setting aside most of a whole day to watch Mailchimp tutorials on Youtube while I put my first newsletter together step by step.”

Sandra values her connection to SEWN precisely because she is a solo entrepreneur, and that can be lonely. She says the monthly meet ups have helped her gain practical information as well as giving her an opportunity to compare notes about struggles and successes with women who are having similar experiences.

“I would like to get more involved with SEWN, assisting in organizing events or being involved in other ways. I regularly attend the monthly meet up, and will continue to participate there.”

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Published: December 2017